Product Review: Catlike Kompact Pro

Let’s start off with the price of this helmet first: At $215 it isn’t exactly the cheapest lid in the shop (in fact it’s one of the most expensive, and for the record in-stock adult helmets start at just $50), but it is one of our favourite.

The Catlike Kompact Pro is really lightweight and has superb ventilation. It’s looks amazing and can be worn with or without an included visor. It comes in many colour options to match just about any bike, and it’s the brand worn by many cool Euro pro teams. What’s not to love?

Well, we should point out that the Kompact tends to have a fairly ’round’ fit, so if you have a long, narrow head it might not be for you. But for those of us with fairly round heads (and a little over two hundred bucks burning a whole in our wallets) this is one awesome helmet.

We have a few Catlike Kompact Pro’s in stock in various colours right now so come and try one on for size.

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