Bike Feature: Focus Mares Comp

It’s not exactly cyclocross season yet, but on the city streets of Winnipeg a cyclocross bike is always a good thing.

While we sell many really high-end road bikes every year ‘cross bike purchases tend to be a bit more entry level. That’s not to say we don’t carry and sell some exotic ‘cross stuff too, but most cyclocross bikes that move out our door are between $1000 – $2000 (give or take).

The thing is you can get an absolutely great cyclocross bike for that price. Take, for instance, the Focus Mares Comp that has just arrived. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with some relatively tight cx geometry that makes it a lot of fun, a really nice flat red powder coat paint finish (hey, looks count) and a competent Shimano Tiagra drivetrain. It also has some really strong mini-v brakes that are designed to work with the road break lever pull ratio, a nice little touch that stands out.

At $1380 the Focus Mares is in the real price point sweet spot for ‘cross and we anticipate this will be a hot model. We’ve got one on the floor right now so feel free to check it out anytime.

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