Bike Feature: Cannondale Quick CX

Boy have hybrid / fitness bikes come a long way in the last few years, and we have to say that we’re thrilled with the new developments. We love full on road racing bikes and technical terrain ready mountain bikes but many of our customers simply want to ride around town for fitness or to get to work, school, or run errands, and they’re usually on pavement or light trails. They’re typically looking for a bike with a fairly upright position but want efficient wheels, and they sometimes want some light suspension.

If you’re looking for all of that in a higher-end, lightweight package with disc brakes, eyelets for racks and fenders, and many more well thought out bits the Cannondale Quick CX, selling for $1200, might be for you.
The bike also features an RST front suspension fork that’s built exclusively for Cannondale’s 1.5 inch headtube, and the fork crown to headtube transition looks really nice (if you don’t know what we’re talking about just come and take a look at the bike – it’s pretty). Other highlights include a BB30 bottom bracket and a nice compliant aluminum frame (no that’s not an oxymoron).
We certainly have less expensive and still very capable hybrids in stock if you simply can’t spring a little over a thousand bucks, but for the money the Cannondale Quick CX is an excellent deal.

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