News: Newest Staff Member, Tristan

We thought it was about time to post a very brief feature on our newest staff member, Tristan Giesel. We say ‘about time’ because Tristan has actually been with us now for the better part of a year but we’re just now acknowledging it here.

We’ll get Tristan to fill out one of our handy dandy little employee questionnaire forms so we can properly put together a write up for this site but we can tell you that as one of our full time shop mechanics Tristan is a huge asset, especially as the spring rush approaches. Tristan is also a capable competitive cyclist and performs very well on the local race scene – we’re proud of the fact that many of our staff are competitive cyclists, and it certainly helps when employees like Tristan race the same equipment they work on back in the shop.

Sadly, Tristan’s last name, Giesel, is almost but not quite the same as Theodor Geisel, one of our all time favourite people.

Photo credit to David Lipnowski,, taken at the Bourkevale Cyclocross Event, Oct. ’09.

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