Events: Roller Racing Grand Finale

Just a reminder that this event is coming up soon:

Some of our friends in the local cycling community have been putting on a great series of indoor roller races, and the season finale is coming up March 17th at the Belgian Club, with a special St. Patrick’s Day twist.

The entry fee is $ 5.00 per person or $10.00 per team of three.

Read more after the jump, and plan to be a part of the fun.

500 Meter Sprint
Bikes supplied, geared alike, fork mounted so anyone can do it. Elimination tournament after seed round for time.

1000 Meter
Same as above. A little more tactical. You want to attack at just the right time. I’m thinking of having this event OPEN, where you can ride your own bike, 53 X 12 max gear. (or equivalent gear ratio if you have a compact system). Decision on that detail TBA.

3000 Meter Beer Drinking Relay
Teams of three. First member rides 1000 meters, hops off bike, runs down to bar, chugs a pint, when the empty mug hits the bar, the next member can start. Clock stops when the third member finishes drinking.

Riders can bring trainers and bikes to warm up if they choose.

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