Product Review: Pedro’s cleaning supplies

It looks like the warm(er) weather is here to stay for a while. That means that spring is coming quickly, but it also means that Winnipeg roads are going to be messy for a while. That’s why we have good stock of Pedro’s cleaning supplies and lube.

Cleaning your drivetrain in spring time conditions is imperative. The small amount of time and money you spend on cleaning and lubing the chain and making sure there is no sand and grit left in your cassette and derailleur after a ride will pay for itself many times over compared with needing to replace bike parts.

It’s also worthwhile to clean your frame in these conditions. Even if you have a mostly corrosion free aluminum or carbon fibre frame (or titanium if you’re really lucky) cleaning your bike forces you to look over things and make sure there are no cracks or other issues that could cause more damage down the road.

Most of the lube, degreaser, cleaner, etc. from Pedro’s in the picture you see to the left is between $9 to $15, and as you can see we have plenty in the shop at the moment. We anticipate big demand in the next week or two though so come and grab what you need whenever you have a chance.

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