Product Review: Surly parts

We’ve enjoyed very healthy Surly bike sales for the last few years and already have many 2010 models in stock, but did you know that Surly also makes and sells many bike parts individually? Some we try to keep in stock, others we can order for you anytime.

Further below is a graphic shamelessly copied and pasted from Surly’s site that displays some of the parts available (don’t bother trying to click on the individual pics because it’s pasted as a simple graphic, but go here to check it out for yourself and click away). Everything Surly makes is good quality and relatively inexpensive. They don’t usually focus on weight savings but they do build durable products.

Some of our favourite Surly parts?:

Single Speed Hubs – build up your own sweet, custom singlespeed wheelset starting with these.

Rigid Front Forks – a cheap way to get a new rigid steel fork for your cross, mountain, or road bike.

Cogs – many single speed cog sizes, all with nice wide bases that won’t damage your freewheel, or threaded cogs for your single speed specific hub

Frame Parts – getting a custom frame made?…suggest that your framebuilder use Surly dropouts, fork crown, or disc housing guides.

Fixxer – replace the inner workings of your freehub with a fixxer to create an instant fixxie wheel.

(P.S. Yes, the parts below are pictured on top of pressed ham pieces. No, we’re not sure why)

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