Product Review: Easton mountain bike bars

If you’re like us you’re beginning to itch for some outdoor riding that doesn’t involve big mitts and a balaclava (not that there’s anything wrong with winter riding, but it feels like spring is coming). It’s right around this time every year that as we get impatient we placate ourselves by modifying our bikes in anticipation of the upcoming recreational and competitive bike season.

One simple upgrade to make is a mountain bike bar that’s a little bit lighter, a little bit prettier, or fits your riding position a little bit better. To that end we’ve ordered in a bunch of new bars including the collection from Easton pictured above. Ranging in price from about $50 to $150 (we have others that are cheaper and more expensive) these Easton bars come in different widths, rises, stem clamp diameter, weight and material, and even colour (well, we’ve got one model in both black and white).

If you’re looking to make a simple tweak to dial in your ride just right this might be the way to do it. Check out our in-stock selection today.

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