News: Pics from the Arrowhead 135

As a follow up to recent posts about Lindsay Gauld’s recent completion of the Arrowhead 135 enduro mountain bike event here’s a pic of Lindsay on his rather heavy-looking bike. More pics can be found on Flickr, here (all pics taken by Andy Lockery).

Here’s an accompanying note from Andy:

Just a few photos that I took at the Arrowhead 135. Most were taken at Lindsay’s request so that he could see some of the different ways that competitors were carrying their gear. There is one of our Icon departing checkpoint one and an excellent still life of Marcus’s feet. Marcus was the German born Montrealer who ran the race, and suffered a few blisters and a bit of frostbite during the 50 hours that he was racing (editor’s note: Marcus travelled from Winnipeg with Lindsay and Andy to the race). There is a close up of the new Larry front tire , a few of epic Pogies and bags and a few of different rim designs and spoke patterns. At checkpoint 2 Lindsay’s bike is the one lying on its side with his tail lite creating a glow on the orange dry bag containing his sleeping bag [to the right of the others].

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