Product Review: Cold Weather Booties

The temperature this winter seems to be fluctuating between unseasonably warm and frigidly cold, with not much in between. No matter the case it’s too cold to wear regular cycling shoes outside (we often laugh at supposedly ‘winter’ cycling shoes available from some of the brands we carry – nothing wrong with the shoes, but they’re made more for west coast or New England winters than what we have here).

When it’s really cold most Winnipeg winter bikers simply wear winter boots (non-cycling specific) and use platform pedals, but when it warms up a bit it’s nice to be able to use your favourite cycling shoe and clipless pedal combination. To extend your shoes’ temperature range we stock a few different styles of booties from brands like Evo, Sugoi, and more.

They offer wind and water protection, and in most cases provide a decent layer of warmth as well. Couple these with a good pair of insulated winter wool socks and your toes will stay warm even in cool weather. A pair of booties ranges in price from approx. $50 to $70 and we have plenty in stock right now.

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