Safety Vest

This is a pretty simple product to review, but that doesn’t diminish its importance. If you brave the cold and dark Winnipeg winters by keeping you bike on the road you know that conditions can be especially hazardous. We’re thankful for all of the courteous motorists on the road, but we all know that there are some drivers out there who consciously don’t give bikes the room they need to feel safe on city streets and still others who simply aren’t as aware as they should be. Whether courteous or not, if a car can’t see you you’re obviously in danger.

For just $30 this vest makes you far more visible than you’d otherwise be. Made specifically for cycling it has a really long back that hangs past the seat a bit to make you as noticeable as possible, while in front it doesn’t interfere with your pedalling. It’s easily adjustable and it’s very lightweight so it can fit over heavy winter clothes but also wears well in our hot summers.

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