Titanium FatBack Winter Bike

Every now and then we build up one-off bikes for very specific needs. In some cases these are bikes that we bring in from dealers we don’t ordinarily do business with. It’s not something we can do often but as the occasion arises will try to feature the products here.

The slide show above showcases a titanium winter-specific FatBack mountain bike that we’re in the process of building up for Lindsay Gauld, founder and former owner of the shop. We’re dealing with a company in Alaska (seems appropriate) to put this bike together for Lindsay so he can use it at the upcoming Arrowhead 135 winter enduro race. He’s competed in the race once before using the excellent Surly Puglsey. The two bikes share the same design concept, accommodating huge tires that can better stay afloat on snow, but the FatBack is considerably lighter – a full bike can be built up to weigh as little as 23 lbs (amazing for something with such wide rims and so much rubber).

Of course this comes at a price. The FatBack frame and fork is over $3000 CDN. But, if you want to be at your competitive best, and if you compete in events as insane as the Arrowhead 135, this is the bike.

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