Bike Feature: Trek 1.2 WSD

Even though the snow will be with us for a while longer 2010 bikes are starting to appear at our shop more frequently. One new arrival is this Trek 1.2 WSD road bike, with a very reasonable price of just $970.

WSD stands for Women’s Specific Design. While some women fit ‘unisex’ bike models just fine the WSD designation is more than just marketing – the bike has been designed taking into account the on-average shorter torsos and longer legs of women when compared to men. The result is different frame geometry that fits some women better than standard offerings.

Frankly we’d prefer these bike be called “short torso/long legs geometry” or something similar because the truth is that if you’re a relatively long legged (though not tall) man the bike might fit you well too, but we understand that Women’s Specific Design is a bit catchier.

Regardless, $970 for a Shimano Tiagra/Sora equipped Trek is a great deal.

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