Product Review: Minoura Advance Rollers

As this is posted it’s -28 C outside before windchill, so you might be thinking about riding indoors today, and we wouldn’t blame you. That’s why we’re reviewing a set of Minoura Advance Rollers today. These are a really lightweight set of rollers that easily fold to a compact size that can be stored in the corner of a room, under a bed, in a closet, etc.

Of course the ride is what’s most important and we can say first hand that the rollers on the Advance model are nice and smooth, and feel very sturdy. If you’re new to rollers and a bit nervous about falling off you can separately order the Action Bridge (not pictured here) that allows you to mount your front fork to the roller setup thus keeping your bike in one place until you’re confident enough to ride without it.

There’s also the Advance Mag Unit which can be attached to the rollers to provide extra resistance for more intense training. The Mag Unit feels much like the always reliable Minoura Mag stationary trainer and offers 7 levels of resistance.

The rollers, which we have in stock, are just $240. The Action Bridge is $110 and the Mag Unit is $90.

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