Bike Feature: Surly Pugsley

We featured a Surly Pugsley bike, similar to the one pictured above, on this site a while ago but it happens to be featured in on online news article today so we thought we should stick up some info here too just in case people surf over from the online news site to our site.

For those who don’t know the Pugsley was made as a frameset to accommodate very large rims and tires that can more easily ride over sand or snow. The idea sounds simple enough but there were a few modifications required in order to make it happen. The finished product was worth the work though and everyone who’s purchased a Pugsley from us has been thrilled with the performance.

Rather than repeating our previous review, or repeating what was said in the news article (click here to read the article if you haven’t seen it yet) we’ll send you over to Surly’s site to read all about the bike there – click here.

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