Specials: A "one-off" Surly 1×1

Although we can now buy some Surly models as complete bikes most still come to us as framesets to be built up according to specific customer instructions. The frames are reasonably priced so purchasing a frameset and building up to your own spec’s is an ‘economical’ way of getting a custom set-up.

With that said, we do occasionally order in some framesets and build them up ourselves with in-stock components, usually picking parts that will keep the price down (we usually leave the high end stuff for you to hand pick). Pictured above is an example of a one-off build we put together recently. Straight away we should point out that this is a 23″ frame so it’s meant for a tall guy (or a really tall girl). The 1×1 frame is single speed specific and we’ve set it up with some basic disc brakes and tough platform pedals with the thought that it could make for a great winter bike.

We determined the regular price on this custom build is $900 but seeing as it’s Christmas and all we’re sticking it on sale for just $765. That’s only a couple hundred bucks or so more than the frameset cost, so you’re getting a lot of bike here for not very much money. But, as is usually the case with these bikes this is a one-time deal so if you’re tall and in need of a very capable winter bike at a great price give us a shout soon.

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