Product Review: Wigwam Socks

Darn it’s cold. Pretty sure that was mentioned in previous posts, but it’s still true. What happened to easing into winter? At least we’ve got plenty of nice and warm Wigwam socks in stock. We have many models, including one of our favourites: The Light Hiker. Don’t let the term “light” fool you – these are nice and warm in spite of the fact that they don’t cramp your foot up in your shoe or boot due to excessive bulk. Actually they’re slim enough that they can even be used as an ‘outer’ layer along with a light wool cycling sock (editor’s note: That’s what I do and it’s kept me warm in -3o temps when biking and skiing).

These socks seem to fit almost everyone really well. They don’t slip down during strenuous activity, they cradle the arch nicely, and they have a reinforced toe and heal that survive a lot of use. They have a mix of wool and synthetic materials that do a great job of keeping warmth in while not collecting perspiration. They cost about $20 per pair, which is pretty standard for good winter socks.

We have these and other models from Wigwam and a couple of other brands in stock so do your feet a favour and pick up a pair or two today. The forecast suggests the cold is here to stay for a bit.

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