Product Review: Vittoria Home Trainer Tire

While many of us here at Olympia continue to ride our bikes outside as the temps drop and as the snow starts to fly we admit that it’s more difficult to get quality workouts done outside in the winter. That’s why many of us also use indoor trainers in the winter. When using an indoor trainer it’s highly recommended that you replace your ‘regular’ outdoor rear tire with something different so that you don’t destroy your outdoor tire on the trainer’s flywheel. Until recently most of us simply purchased a cheap tire for indoors and that was that.

More recently though manufacturers have begun designing trainer-specific tires. These tires aren’t great for on the road but on the trainer their performance is far better than anything else. They reduce noise considerably, they build up much less heat, and they wear much more slowly (and don’t distribute that spray of mulched tire behind your trainer like regular tires to).

We just recently brought in some trainer-specific tires from Vittoria, and wow do they work well. Upon first use we noticed an amazing noise reduction! We also noticed the almost complete absence of heat buildup or dispensation. That means less heat wafting up to your body, and in the case of yours truly who uses a Tacx virtual trainer with a motorized flywheel it also means less heat build-up near the temperature-sensitive motor. At just $36 the Vittoria Home Trainer Tire is a no brainer. Available as a 700c x 23mm tire it’ll fit almost any road or 29er wheel and we have plenty in stock at the moment so come grab yours today.

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