Product Review: Gordini Lavawool Stretch Fleece Full Face Mask

We’ve recently started carrying Gordini headwear, and we have a variety of toques, face masks, and other similar items from them in stock. Pictured above is the Lavawool Stretch Fleece Full Face Mask. As the name suggests this item does an excellent job keeping your entire face (and the rest of your head for that matter) covered. Unlike a conventional balaclava though it also does an excellent job of allowing you to keep breathing by utilizing a well-designed nose and month vent. This greatly reduces frost buildup that would lower your temperature and cause site problems if you wear goggles at the same time.

The Lavawool is a Merino wool and synthetic fleece combo material that retains all the warmth benefits of wool while enhancing its wicking benefits. Sounds good to us, though it hasn’t yet been cold enough to properly test. The warmish weather can’t last forever though so come down to the shop and equip yourself for the freezing temps to come.

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