Unique Stuff: C’dale Supersix Hi-Mod Team

Unique Stuff: This is a new feature that we’ll post here as unique product comes thru the shop. If a customer orders an interesting and/or exotic bike that we don’t ordinarily stock, if something comes in for repair that is particularly cool, if we learn of some crazy new component that is available to us to bring in if someone is interested, etc., we’ll try to feature it here.

Today’s “Unique Stuff” post features the Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod Team bike. This is a no-holds-barred team issue bike ridden by the professional Liquigas team. It comes decked out in full Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed (that’s 22 gears for those who aren’t as up on bike-speak) components, except for the Hallowgram SL BB30 crankset with wireless SRM powermeter and Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR wheelset. This is possibly the most expensive stock road bike we’ve brought in, with a MRSP of approx. $13,000. Yup, there are three zero’s after the “$13”. But hey, if you want to ride like the pro’s this is the bike. We don’t tend to stock many bikes this high end but we’ve ordered this one on a special order and figured we’d take a few pics of it before it left the shop. More pics have been posted after the jump. Enjoy…

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