Product Review: Chris King Headsets

This is one of our favourite products, and because we happen to have a number of them in stock right now we figured we’d review them here. The Chris King threadless headset was the first sealed headset on the market, way back in 1976! 33 years later they remain arguably the best headset out there. They make your bike’s steering feel so buttery smooth that you’ll wonder why you’ve ever ridden anything else. They are machined so precisely (in-house, not outsourced) that they come with a 10 year warranty. Many, many customers swap their Chris King headset from bike to bike as they replace bikes or components because the headset seems to out last everything else. On a personal note yours truly has 4 (at present) Chris King headsets on bikes in my heavily fortified basement and I have never been disappointed by one of them. In fact I’ve never replaced one of them.

Aesthetically speaking there’s nothing as beautiful as the Chris King headset. I mean, look at the picture above! There are many colours available (far more than what’s pictured above) and different versions to fit different bike set-ups like 1 inch to 1.5 inch headtubes. There are also stainless steel and titanium models available. We have the most popular choice in stock: the 1 1/8 standard NoThreadSet, in the colours pictured above. Of course we’d be happy to order in other colours or styles for you. At $220 each these certainly aren’t the cheapest headsets out there in the short term, but in the long run they might just be the best deal going.

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