Product Review: Stella 120 bike light

If you haven’t noticed it’s suddenly getting dark very early in the evening (the annual loss of Daylight Saving Time this past weekend doesn’t help) and the days will continue to get shorter for more than a month. If you want to keep riding outside you really need some kind of light on your bike. A rear red blinkie light is a must, but what about the front? If you’re riding exclusively on well lit roads then maybe an inexpensive white blinkie is all that’s required, but if you want a light that will help you see (as opposed to being seen) then you’ll need something more.

The Stella 120 multi-purpose/commuter light from Light & Motion is a great mid-range lighting solution that provides a bright 120 lumen output. More than just a ‘safety’ light the Stella 120 produces enough spotlight to illuminate dark roads or trails well enough to ride comfortably at a moderate pace. We’ve tested the light in-house and can attest to its clarity, brightness, and excellent beam pattern – it’s possibly the brightest, most effective light we’ve ever stocked at this price. It also looks great.

We can confirm the light 200g reported weight, and we really like the ease with which the light mounts onto your bar without any tools. Of course this means that if you’re parking your bike somewhere you can also easily remove the light and take it with you so it can’t be stolen. Just to make things even better the Stella 120 also comes standard with a helmet mount.

We haven’t had a chance to test the running time but we’re told that at full strength the 4 cell NiMH battery lasts for 2.5 hrs; in low mode (40 lumen’s) it lasts for 10 hrs.

At $230 the Stella 120 is a great deal for a higher performance light that will allow you to ride through the night with confidence.

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