Bike Feature: Electra Cruiser Coaster 1

They don’t come much simpler than this. The Electra Cruiser Coaster 1 is the kind of bike you learned to ride on as a kid if you’re over 60, or if you’re 20 you call the bike “retro” and want to try out what your generation has missed out on. Namely, simplicity. Put down your iPhone for a second and climb on board a cruiser with no gears and a rear coaster brake. You pedal forward to move, you pedal backwards to brake. That’s pretty much it, and yet somehow it’s so much more.

We have a couple of these models in stock at the time of this posting, as pictured and also in green. Oh, and if you really can’t put down your iPhone you can buy an official Electra cell phone / PDA holder for your bike, along with many other cool accessories.

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