Product Review: Surly Wool Cap

Well it feels like the cool weather may be here to stay for the season, which is a good reason to review Surly wool caps this week. These caps have a fit similar to a traditional cycling cap though they feel a little bit bigger. They’re also heavier and do a better job of keeping your head warm in cooler conditions. The 100% merino wool is not the least bit scratchy and although the caps only come in one size they seem to fit most heads well.

We think the caps are most useful on days when you need a little bit of warmth but don’t require a full toque, or when it’s quite cold and you want to layer with the cap and then a thin toque over top of that. Compared with a thicker toque a thin toque / wool cap combo has the added benefit of providing you with layering warmth and a visor.

These hats don’t come cheap (relatively speaking at least) with a cost of $70 each, but they’re the kind of thing you’ll end up wearing for years, wondering how you ever lived without it. We have 3 different colours/styles in stock at the moment so come down to the shop and pick up your favourite today.

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