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CX Nationals are coming sooner than you think. Plan to be involved now!


Autumn in Winnipeg is weird.  One minute it feels like the summer will never end (in a good way) and then all of a sudden, bam, it’s Fall (also in a good way).

As we post this the high for the day is 29 C, but the local ‘cross season is less than a month away.  Even crazier?…The Winnipeg Cyclocross 2015 National Championships at the Forks are only 2 months away, on Oct 23-25th. As you’d expect the team of guys and gals working on the event are knee deep in the logistics even now as they prepare fo the big party to return to the Forks for the second year in a row.

Last year’s CX events at the Forks were amazing, and those in charge of the event are not resting on their laurels.  This year should be even, dare we say, better, with something for everyone whether you’re a participant, spectator or volunteer, whether your 5 or 65, and whether you’re a newbie or elite.

If you’re not stoked already check out the video of last year’s events below, check out the official site here, or follow the build up to the event on social media (there are lots of updates on their twitter feed @WpgCX2015 or search “Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships in Winnipeg” on Facebook.

However you go about it be sure block off October 23-25 for the bike party of the year.

Cyclocross Clinics starting this Thursday, Aug 20th

The poster below has most of the info you need but you can drift over to the Olympia Cycling Club site to leave a comment if you have additional questions….but what’s to question?  Cyclocross is a miserable sport, it’s messy, and it hurts, and it keeps you coming back for more :)

These free clinics may help you tame things a bit and make the sport hurt a little less, or they may unlock your potential to hurt even more – it’s probably up to you.  Either way they’re a great way to ‘(re)familiarize yourself with ‘cross riding in anticipation of the upcoming competitive season.


Cyclocross News


We might not be quite as pro in the local cycling scene compared with Tim Johnson (picture above lifted from Cannondale’s site) and the rest of the C’dale crew, but then again with the National Cyclocross Championships hosted in Winnipeg again this year we’re not far off.

Speaking of not far off, ‘cross season always comes up faster than we think – it’s already less than two months away!

Catch up on some recent local cx news by checking out the Olympia Cycling Club post here, and keep watching this site as we get closer to the competitive season.